Hydrotherapy is any type of massage that includes the use of water in any form, both cold and hot. Hydrotherapy can include ice massages, ice plunges, heat wraps, and the use of hot towels during your massage. Hydrotherapy increases circulation and can even relieve pain in the body.

Changes in the water temperature can affect the way blood flows, which can also accelerate the healing time of injuries, improve the mood, and provide energy to those feeling lethargic or fatigued. When warm water is applied, blood vessels dilate, and increasing blood flow to the area the water is applied. When cold water is applied, it will cause the blood vessels to contract. Alternating between the two helps to tone blood vessels, allowing them to become more adaptable to stressors.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy

  • Improved circulation
  • Accelerates the healing time of certain injuries
  • Activates the sympathetic nervous system, allowing your body to properly respond to certain stimuli
  • Increases mood and energy levels
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Can have a very positive effect on those suffering from depression and/or anxiety

If you feel that you may benefit from hydrotherapy, please contact Pathway Massage. We will speak with you further about the benefits of hydrotherapy and schedule an appointment for you. Our massage therapy office is located in Boise, ID.