Salt Scrubs

Salt Scrubs

During your salt scrub here at Pathway Massage, a salt or sugar and oil mixture will be applied to your entire body. This mixture will exfoliate your skin, increase the circulation of blood through your body, and move lymph.

Benefits of Salt Scrubs

There are so many different uses and benefits of receiving a salt scrub. These benefits include:

  • Glowing Skin – After your salt scrub is over, you’ll notice glowing and healthier-looking skin. Of course, the result will depend on the mixture, but no matter which you receive, you’ll love the way your skin looks and feels after a salt scrub.
  • Exfoliation – Body scrubs can be a great way to get rid of dead skin cells, leaving you feeling fresher, lighter, and looking amazing. Please let us know if you have sensitive skin, as this can help us recommend gentler formulas and use a lighter touch.
  • Improved Circulation – Receiving a salt scrub will encourage your body’s natural circulation flow, increasing blood flow throughout the body. While your salt scrub is applied, you’ll also be gently massaged, which will also improve circulation.
  • Decreased Cellulite – Certain types of body scrubs can decrease the look of cellulite on the body. It certainly isn’t a miracle cure, but when used on areas of the body that are more prone to cellulite, you may notice an improvement and a boost of confidence at the same time!
  • Relaxation & Stress-Relief – Lastly, receiving a salt scrub in conjunction with a massage will provide relaxation and stress relief. If essential oils are added to your scrub, they can enhance the relaxation felt. Pampering yourself is a great way to refocus, regroup, and de-stress.

To schedule your salt scrub here at Pathway Massage, please contact our Boise, ID massage therapy office today. We can’t wait to help you feel relaxed and healthy.