Pathway Massage is privately owned and operated by our skilled massage therapist, Angie Hastings in Boise Idaho. Angie graduated first in her class from the Denver School of Massage Therapy with a 4.0 GPA and extensive knowledge of over 16 modalities, in both Eastern and Western practices. 

After graduating, our massage therapist began to seek out those who needed deep tissue therapy and detail work, such as athletes, injured, and business clientele. Her goal was to improve the daily lives of people, by helping their bodies to work better and by eliminating any pain. Angie loves helping people care for and pamper their bodies and muscles. 

Over 16 Different Forms of Massage Offered 

Angie Hastings is well versed in 16 different modalities. These include swedish massage for overall body relaxation, deep tissue massage to loosen tough knots that can cause tension in the muscles, and sports massages to help athletes to perform at their very best. Additionally, Angie offers prenatal massage for expectant mothers, and reflexology, which uses the body’s natural reflexes to affect a change in a particular area. Aside from these, many other forms of massage are available to you, each massage customized to your needs, comfort levels and for any length of time.

Here at Pathway Massage, our clients, as well as their health and comfort, are our most important priorities. Visit our Boise, Idaho massage office to experience a thorough and customized massage from our highly trained massage therapist.