Massage & Healing

Accelerated Healing

It’s common knowledge that getting a massage helps to relieve stress and relax the body. Here at Pathway Massage, that’s certainly our goal. However, receiving a massage has other healing properties as well. Not only is massage therapy proven to heal the muscles, but there’s also research that suggests it can help accelerate healing from other wounds as well.

Massage & Wound Care

According to the American Massage Therapy Association, there are several studies that have shown how massage therapy can provide a number of health benefits. These include the reduction of anxiety and lowered blood pressure. Additionally, receiving a massage can result in accelerated healing and wound care.

Researchers have found evidence that massage therapy can have a positive effect on the size of the wound and the extent of the scarring, especially in post-surgical situations. Additionally, massages have also shown to help relieve some of the pain and itching in post-surgical wounds and also helps patients feel more optimistic in regard to potential wound scarring and the process of recovery.

Massage & Muscle Healing

Athletes understand that working out and doing what you love can sometimes make your muscles feel sore, tight, and full of knots. If you neglect muscle recovery, you may begin to notice a significant decrease in performance, and an increase in pain and immobility, and even injuries. The best way to aid muscle recovery is to flush out lactic acid and metabolic waste. This will allow you return to your exercise every day feeling fresh and energetic.

Receiving a message will release these tight and sore muscles and allow you regain full range of motion. Broad and general massage techniques will increase blood flow to the muscle, flush any lactic acid out, and help to identify trigger points. Once the trigger points have been identified, targeted pressure will be used to release them and restore relaxation to your body and mind.