Combat Age

Combat Age

You know the expression “age is nothing but a number,” and to a certain extent, that’s true. Your energy level and the way you feel mean a lot more than your age. However, at a certain point, we’ll all begin to feel the effects of aging on both our bodies and our minds.

Some people will begin to start feeling like they’re slowing down around age 50, while others go at full speed until the ages of 60 or 70. No matter when you begin to feel the effects of your age, taking advantage of massage therapy can help you ease into this part of life as comfortably and gracefully as possible.

Arthritis & Massage

Arthritis is one of the many issues we’ll begin to notice as we age. Arthritis can cause inflammation in the joints of the bodies, causing moderate to severe pain. While massage therapy can’t treat or cure arthritis, it is able to increase blood flow and circulation, helping to alleviate the pain associated with arthritis.

If you’re beginning to feel arthritis pain, massage therapy is something you may want to look into. At Pathway Massage, you’ll find a friendly and relaxing atmosphere, a skilled massage therapist, and the best massage in Boise, ID.

Blood Pressure & Massage

As we begin to age, blood pressure can become a problem, especially in these days, when lack of exercise and poor diet is common. In addition to these issues, stress and anxiety can also contribute to blood pressure problems, and massage therapy can assist in these situations.

The relaxation and stress-relief of a massage can temporarily lower blood pressure. If you make sure to receive regular massages, you can help your blood pressure remain more consistent. Not only will you be improving the health of your body, but you’ll be improving the health and wellbeing of your mind as well.

No matter how old you are, it’s never too late to take advantage of massage therapy to help you deal with the conditions commonly associated with the aging process. To reduce stress, increase relaxation, and experience the many positive effects of massage therapy, please call Pathway Massage today.