Increase Flexibility

Increase Flexibility and Mobility

Because we’re more sedentary than we were fifty years ago, muscle injuries are much more common these days. Additionally, as we get older, our joints begin to tighten, meaning that flexibility and range of motion become even more restricted.

If you’re looking to improve and maintain flexibility and range of motion, massage may be a beneficial treatment. Massaging the muscles, tendons, connective tissues and joints can improve flexibility and help keep your joints more fluid and less prone to injury. Massage therapy is also a great way to stimulate blood flow, and relax stressed-out muscles.

Benefits of Improved Range of Motion & Flexibility

Below are a few of the reasons why improved flexibility and range of motion is good for the body:

  • Increases the production of natural lubricants, keeping your joints moving smoothly and your flexibility at a maximum
  • Can improve athletic performance and decrease post-workout pain and soreness
  • Improved flexibility can decrease the risk of athletic or lifestyle injuries  

Incorporating regular massages into your fitness routine can help improve the way you live and do the things you enjoy doing. Stretching before any exertion can also improve range of motion and longer periods of working out or being active.

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