Massage Muscle Injuries or Sport Injuries

Muscle Injuries or Sport Injuries

Trying to recover from a muscle or sports injury can be a long and stressful process. Obviously, the top priority during injury rehabilitation is to restore your strength and flexibility to the area. Unfortunately, physical therapy can sometimes end before this goal has been reached.

Massage therapy can be used to supplement standard rehab procedures. When you receive a massage, circulatory movement is stimulated, muscles are relaxed, and the body begins to pump more nutrients and oxygen into the vital organs and tissues. This process will allow the injured area to heal more quickly while restoring range of motion and flexibility.

Muscle & Sports Injury Massage

Whether you’ve sustained a twisted knee, or a broken bone, or if you’ve sprained an ankle or have a muscle spasm, massage therapy can provide a quicker recovery. As the skin and muscles are massaged, the tissues are loosened and adhesions are broken down. This helps to flush out lactic acid and metabolic waste, allowing for a faster and less frustrating healing process.

Swedish massage and deep tissue massage are great for muscle and sports injuries. While the light to medium pressure of a Swedish massage can provide relaxation and energy, the more targeted deep tissue massage can help improve blood flow to the area and work out deeper knots in the tissues.

If you’ve suffered from a broken bone, you may need help in decreasing stiffness and improving mobility in the area. Receiving a massage from Pathway Massage can do exactly that, and can provide relaxation and decreased stress levels at the same time.

Lastly, massage therapy is also able to help with pain management as you work towards healing your body. We recommend regular massage therapy appointments to accelerate healing and improve your mental wellbeing during recovery. For more information on muscle or sports injury massage, or to schedule an appointment here at Pathway Massage, please contact our Boise, ID massage office.