Sciatic Nerve Pain

Sciatic Nerve Problems

Because your sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body, it has the ability to cause quite a bit of pain. If you’ve ever experienced problems with your sciatic nerve, you know the pain and debilitation it can cause. While the pain is likely to go away on its own within a month or two, many people are unable to deal with the pain and want to fix the problem sooner rather than later.

It may seem counterintuitive to exercise during sciatica pain, but the Mayo Clinic actually recommends low-impact workouts as a way of releasing endorphins, which can help with pain relief. These low-impact exercises include water aerobics, riding a stationary bike, or taking a walk. If these seem too difficult, another great way to release endorphins is through massage therapy.

Massage Therapy & Sciatica Pain

Receiving a massage for sciatic nerve pain has proven to be quite effective. In fact, a study was conducted, in which 400 sciatic pain sufferers received weekly massage, chiropractic treatment, physical therapy, medication, or no action at all. After ten weeks, those who received massage therapy reported less pain and higher functioning and around a third of them reported that their pain was almost completely gone. Only 4% of those who received one of the other treatments could report the same.

Here at Pathway Massage, we know the pain and frustration that can go along with sciatic nerve problems. Because of this, we’re committed to providing you with the relaxing and pain-relieving benefits of massage. To speak with someone regarding an appointment or to learn more about how massage therapy can help ease the pain of sciatica, please contact our Boise, ID massage therapy office today.

More Than Therapy For Pain

Our therapists not only help with the sciatic pain using massage therapy, but our therapists also help release the muscles that can compress or pull on the path of the nerve. Postural imbalances can create extra stress or compression on the sciatic nerve where massage therapy can help address muscles that are pulling the structure out of balance. Get to the source of the problem instead of just addressing the symptoms.