Russian Sport Massage

Russian Sports

A Russian sports massage focuses most on the techniques that can help to relieve muscle pain, aches, and stiffness that are common in certain types of athletics and other types of physical strain. Unlike a traditional sports massage, a Russian sports massage generally uses slower and gentler strokes and motions.

This type of massage has been used in Russia since the 1700’s but wasn’t practiced throughout the rest of the world until the 1980’s. Russian physicians place a high value on massage when practiced alongside medicine. In Russia, the point of a message is less about relaxation and the relief of stress, and more about making sure each part of the body is properly massaged, especially the areas around the spine.

Benefits of Russian Sports Massage

  • Accelerated healing time of certain injuries
  • Stretching and relaxation of the muscles
  • Increase in sports performance
  • Relief of pain and tension in the muscles
  • Help with respiratory and digestion problems
  • Promotes a healthy metabolism
  • Soothes and heals muscles after vigorous training or exertion

While a Russian sports massage is certainly not limited to athletes, it can help with many of the issues faced by those who are highly active. To schedule your Russian sports massage, please contact Pathway Massage here in Boise, Idaho.