Sports Massage

Sports Massage

At Pathway Massage, we offer sports massages for both pre and post-events as well as regular maintenance massages in between events. Each of these massages will be geared towards your specific goals and the areas you need to focus on in order to perform at your very best.

Pre-Event Sports Massage

Pre-event massages will help to stimulate and increase circulation and prepare the muscles for the work they’re about to perform. Passive stretching is included in this massage, so we recommend receiving the massage around 30 minutes before the event.

Post-Event Sports Massage

Post-event massages are meant to relax the muscles, relieve any cramps, increase lymph drainage to get rid of any lactic acid, and will allow your body to naturally come down from the heightened state caused by the event. Stretching is included in this massage as well, which will help decrease the level of soreness you experience the day after the event.

We also recommend regularly scheduled maintenance massages in between events, when you’re in training, or in the off-season. These massages will keep your muscles healthy, relaxed, and properly maintained.

If you’re regularly participating in physical activity, receiving a sports massage every week or two can be a great addition to your schedule. To speak to someone about setting up a sports massage or for any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Pathway Massage located here in Boise, ID.