Structural Integration

Structural Integration

Structural integration focuses on the full structure of the entire body. This massage uses deep pressure and generates large amounts of heat to break down tissue called ‘fascia.” Fascia surrounds the muscles, blood vessels, organs, and nerves, and helps to bind some structures together. Fascia is supposed to move freely and be elastic, but sometimes stress, injury, or repetitive movements can cause the fascia to become tight, short, and lose its elasticity.

When this fascia gets stuck, it can cause structural imbalances in the body, which can cause pain, fatigue, and a general feeling of discomfort.  Structural integration is used to stretch, lengthen, and soften the tissue in order to help you restore your natural postural balance.

Benefits of Structural Integration

  • The lengthening and softening of fascia
  • Restoration of posture & balance
  • Provides ease of movement
  • Relief from pain and discomfort

Structural Massage Vs. Rolfing

While structural integration is based on the research of Dr. Ida Rolf, it is not considered “Rolfing.” Here at Pathway Massage, we perform structural integration, but we do not perform Rolfing. The two are quite similar, but we find structural integration to be a more effective form of massage therapy.

To learn more about how you bring your body back into proper alignment, or to make an appointment at our Boise, ID office, please contact Pathway Massage today. We want to help you feel like yourself again.