Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the most common and basic type of massage. When you think about receiving a massage, chances are that this is the type you’re picturing. Consisting of long, gliding strokes, this type of massage is used to relax the muscles, drain lymph, and improve blood circulation throughout the body.

The patient will determine the degree of pressure used during a Swedish massage. Light, medium, or deep, it’s all just a matter of preference. Your Swedish massage should be a soothing type of massage, not a pressure massage.

Why Choose a Swedish Massage?

Below are a few great reasons to choose Swedish massage:

  • Stress relief or help relaxing
  • If you’ve been having a difficult time getting to sleep
  • Feeling as if you may be getting sick
  • If your muscles are feeling achy or stiff
  • Suffering from frequent migraines or headaches

If you’re ready to relax and have some “me time,” please contact Pathway Massage to schedule a Swedish massage.