Injury Massage

Injury Massage

Whether you are currently preparing for surgery, have just undergone surgery, or are simply trying to recover from an injury, a massage can help. In addition to helping soothe pain, an injury massage can also decrease the time you spend healing and the amount of scar tissue you’re left with.

Injury massage works in the specific area of your injury to assist the body with the healing process. Getting an early start on the process will help lay down scarring properly, which will decrease any potential loss of flexibility, muscle hypertension, or range of motion.

Injury Massage Benefits

Below are a few of the benefits of injury massage:

  • Pain relief related to the injury
  • Reduced recovery time
  • Help relieve any stress related to the injury
  • Decreases the amount of scar tissue
  • Helps speed both pre and post-operative recovery

Here at Pathway Massage, we are skilled in 16 different modalities and will use a blend of these to help get you feeling back to yourself again. We want you to be free of pain and stress each and every time you leave our office. We promise a customized and helpful massage to each of our clients in order to help with all sorts of different injuries and patterns of pain.

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